2016 Merimbula Classic
Beau Pilgrim , Jennie Milton, JamesCarew, Tom White, Kai Bates, DeanHendrie were just some of the winners in their category.           
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Contest summary

Four Great Days… Wow…. Amazing !
Thursday, the first great day was a Foam-Fest. The wind came in and the swell popped up before our very eyes. The sea just smashed everybody who dared to enter the sacred waters. “Cop this you bastards” said the surf-gods…”let’s see how tough you REALLY are”. So the challenge was there, and the surfers tested their skills to the limit.

The high-tech equipment used these days was also tested to the max, but I never saw a broken mast or paddle...etc  so that “stuff” came out well on top. The spectacle was awesome. “Go hard” was the catch phrase.

Thursday’s wind blew up the swell and so Friday was a SUPpers paradise.
Contestants were enjoying five or six hour sessions and the field was so well spread out that not too many collisions occurred (even though they abandoned their boards when the “big-set-wallopers” gave them a challenge).
Leg ropes were tested to the max.


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Friday night’s “Lark in the Park” was GREAT. The music was amazing and there was an abundance of cold beer, good food and fine wine to top up the energy after the session, (even fire-works….who brung thum ?)
Saturday eased off, to let the muscles repair, so that was good. It also gave the “beginners” a chance to test out some equipment. People were learning how to pole surf on the new pump-up sails, others were on the lake peddling those new peddle-powered SUPs… and the sun was shining brightly.  Merimbula was as beautiful as it ever gets. The kiters worked hard on the tricky rippy waves.
Saturday night was a crazy scene. The party animals were dressed to the limits of their imagination… and everyone had so much fun rocking out on the dance floor. The photos will never do justice… never !
On Sunday the wind kicked in for another chance to get wet, but then died away, so people either packed up and drove home… or rested for the evening presentation and the final battle of the foams ( read about it here)
And what about the prizes ?   (I’ll get to the sponsors soon).
So, first of all, thanks to Kahuna the surf God for blessing us with amazing conditions.
Next we should thank the Merimbula Sailboard Club for a flawless production of the best beach contest on planet earth. 36 years of experience goes into what goes on both behind the scenes and on the ground. From the barbeque boys to the shed girls , the safety crew  and the set-up-pack-away gang… in fact ALL the contributers…. OMG… we love ya madly.
After that… thanks go to YOU DUDES… who MAKE the contest by contributing with your presence. You were perfect ! No bad manners or greedy behavior… just big smiles and juicy fun vibes.
Next up… the sponsors. You incentivize high performance because everybody wants to win a beautiful new board or kite or mast or whatever. Your colourful tents on Ford Park (with the demo gear spread out) are GREAT… and your generosity seems BOUNDLESS. We really appreciate what you contribute, and we hope you keep getting a buzz out of showing us your latest high tech product. The prize tables were overflowing with all types of goodies, and everybody who entered did very well.
The donated Go-Pro raffle raised $1000 for our annual charity contributions. Thanks to all who bought the tickets.
The SUP races were exciting events and a great spectacle so thanks to Andrew Allen for his marvelous contribution. You gave the spectators a chance to check out all those rippling abs (and that was just the girls)
And, once again, a huge thanks to John Smythe … the puppet master who pulls the strings that jiggle the puppets that opens the curtains that keep this show happily rolling along… year after year. A true legend in every sense of the word.
Love to see ya’ all next year when hopefully… we’ll get out there and do it again.
Only 360 days to go!