25-28 NOVEMBER 2021

Merimbula Sailboard Club members welcome you to the 40th Raging Bull Surf Merimbula Classic.

We have had to skip 2021 and now welcome you to our 40th event in 2022.
Bigger & Better than ever!


MERIMBULA SAILBOARD CLUB is proud and excited to announce a new partnership with RAGING BULL SURF.

RAGING BULL SURF are again giving their support for our 40th MERIMBULA CLASSIC to be held: 24-27 NOVEMBER  2022. This partnership will ensure the long term continuance of the World Famous Merimbula Classic, as well as ensuring that this year’s event is one NOT to be MISSED.

This iconic event, encompasses; wave sailing, kite surfing and stand up paddle surfing. 

The Raging Bull Surf Merimbula Classic is known as a celebration of wind and waves, held in the pristine waters of the Sapphire Coast NSW. It draws a mix of top professional and amateur watermen, along with our fair share of total Hacks and Groms. 

Competitors come to Merimbula from around Australia and Abroad for this event each year. 

The wind, waves, wackiness and exhilaration of mixing it with the crew no matter what your ability is a massive attraction.

RAGING BULL SURF is a new Sapphire Coast based company run by watermen for waterman.

Be part of History – Join us and “Rage with the Bull” at this year’s RAGING BULL MERIMBULA CLASSIC.

Ben Wilson Kite week and Namotu Island prize
(The BW kiter of the  future)                           Woodley Hall
The Gary McKenzie-Smith                             Patrick Smyth
Ozone Kite prize        
Algie up & comer award                               Aaron Kebbell
Philthy Phil Award                                         Aaron Kenny
Big Wave Dave Award                                Luca Duffin                                
Horizon Big Air Award                                   Alex Verkecchi
1.Patrick Smyth
2.Woodley Hall
3.Sandon Roberts
1.Josh Stretton
2.Indy Rose
3.Spencer Hole
1.Ben Williams
2.Lee Kavanagh
3.Fabio Tomi
1.John Messenger
2.Andy Davies
3.Mick Slattery
1.Ben Wood
2.Rohan Cudmore
3.Craig Spottiswood
1.Jeff Steel
2.Nigel Allison
1.Warren Holder
2.Bruce White
3.Glenn Kewish
1.Phil Baggs
2.Peter Sharp
3.Rob Duffy


1.Beau Pilgrim
2.Beau Blake
3.Alex Lewis-Hughes

1.Adrian Levy
2.Dean Hendrie
3.Angus McMillan
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1.Jack Johnston
2.Liam Johnston
3.Matt Burgess
 1.Kelly Gearing
 2.Peri Roberts
 3.Ashley Brunette
 1.Anthea Williams
 2.Cheryl Cater
 3.Junko Murphy
 1.Madeline Rayner
 2.Melissa McMannus
 3.Denise Kane
 1.Glenn Brunette
 2.Brad Hampson
 3.Rich Stenning
 1.Scott Brown
 2.Rod Hinson
 3.Warwick Lee
 1.Ben Johnston
 2.Jason Cater
 3.Grant Jones
KITE SURFING           Chris Hagan
 WAVE SAILING          Ginna Graham
 SUP                            Brody and Byron Kellalea


The day starts with breakfast from the BBQ, the trade expo setting up from day break and friends catching up over coffee.

10:00am is the opening ceremony and registration. This is always very “Merimbula Classic” – a little weird, a little eccentric and a whole lot of fun.

The rules are established – or rule – No Whingeing – and the event is opened.

From there everyone hits the water for a full day of wind and waves.

This is followed by a few beers at the beach tent in the afternoon, lots of stories and catching up with friends both new and old. This may or may not end up morphing into a night of drinks, laughs, pool and darts at the Lakeside Pub, just across the bridge from the event.

The Surf Sup crew are always on it early, from day break at the main beach, the Bar and Pambula. The kite and windsurfers more on the coffee and breakfast mission, getting ready for a long day on the water!

10am is the daily briefing and the BBQ is running hot. As the wind kicks in the Sups are replaced by Kites and wave sailors.

As any waterman should know, picking the right conditions can make or break a good session. The Merimbula classic understands this and do a great job when choosing the times to hold the Bar to Beach and the Battle of the Paddle SUP races. Usually held mid-morning on Friday or Saturday, the SUP racers prove themselves in two relay style events. A standard Battle of the Paddle relay event is held in and out of the surf in front of the event site. As well as the Balmoral Paddle Surf Beach to Bar team relay. SUP racers start at the bridge on the inside of the Fishpen, through the flatwater to the pass, onto the beach and up to the Bar Beach Kiosk for a shot of coffee, back on the water through the surf and finishing in front of the event site. It is definitely the most fun, competitive and entertaining activity for the spectators and the SUP competitors.

The afternoon drinks run into the annual “Taste of the Sapphire Coast” which boasts the Sapphire Coasts best food vendors, live music and loads of laughs. For those still keen for a little partying there is usually a walk-up town to Dulchie’s, possibly the coolest little bar in town.

Saturday starts in a similar way to Friday. The committed are already on the water at dawn… Surfing, SUPing and Foiling. Meanwhile the kiters that haven’t joined them are enjoying the BBQ and hanging around while they tend to their hangovers.

Keen for the wind to crank in, the first kiters and windsurfers usually hit the water mid-morning on their highly efficient foils. As the wind comes in throughout the day the foils are swapped for surfboards and the competition zone becomes flooded with kites, sails and Sups all sharing what the ocean has to offer.

Saturday evening is often the highlight of the event. This year’s theme comes to life as the dress up costumes everyone has been planning for the last 12 months come out. Dinner and a few drinks at the Merimbula Bowls Club turns into a few more drinks… and a few more drinks in the back-room while enjoying the music of the Figmentz playing live. Those who didn’t dress up stick out like a sore thumb and those who did have one of the best nights of the year.

Sunday morning is normally the quietest morning. Everyone is a little slow from the big night. This however does not stop the super frothers from getting out in the surf early while the wind is offshore. the last day of competing is quite often the most crucial as everyone tries their hardest to make the best final impression on the water.

By Sunday afternoon everyone is shattered from long days on the water, long nights with friends and ready to sleep for the following week. A mellow night is had as dinner is served at the awards ceremony. The number of prizes that are on offer is usually breathtaking to those who are new. In a Merimbula Spirit, everyone goes home with a prize!

Watermans Expo

During the four days all the latest in water sports equipment and accessories will be on display at the event site – Ford Park, so check out what’s new for the summer. This is the biggest expo of SUP, Kite, Sailboard and Foil gear in Australia.

Pretty much every brand is represented with trade stands and demo gear, team riders to help and chat to, and a really cool “try it out” vibe. There is so much gear to try, right on the main beach and ready for you to get out there and experiencing the latest and greatest from all the brands.

This is an opportunity for sponsors to showcase their wares at the beginning of summer mid-way between Australia’s population centres.


Off water activities are just as important as being out in the Waves. Our entertainment and socialising is world renowned and you need to be part of it.

Drinks in the beach tent every afternoon quickly turn into much much more. From Thursday night drinks at the pub, Friday night food and wine extravaganza and the Saturday night fancy dress party, you are ready for a little quieter night on Sunday for the awards ceremony.

The off-water stories each morning is a staple of the event, some sore heads and loads of coffee getting ready for a big day in the wind and waves.

No event parties like the Raging Bull Surf Merimbula Classic!

Our Sponsors

Thanks to our very generous sponsors, there’s over $50 000 worth of great prizes to be won for the wave sailers, kite surfers and stand up paddle surfers. Please support these companies that make our contest so great!

Click on a logo to visit that sponsor’s site

Mckenzie Smith family

Ragino Coffee

Tura Beach Bakery