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Merimbula Classic 22 - 25 November 2018

Click on the poster to see it in ful. Artwork by Stan Squire.
What went down...
Thursday morning…I got there to see all the SUP surfers out at the Bar having a ball in some great waves. So much great surfing by so many superstar SUPPERS.
Beau Pilgrim rode his surfboard-foil in on a big wave, then used the speed he’d gained to work it all the way back to the platform… over flat water. Well, that’s a good start !
Tide got a tad high, and the wind was getting gusty from the south-west, so conditions were deteriorating as scuddy clouds scurried through… (the darker ones bringing rain in stormy bursts). Run for cover…
Hey, that’s NOT a good start.
But it held off during “the briefing”, and we put on a performance, with Joffa’s super-fun 56 Thunderbird convertible. Thanks to Joffa, Rob Pignolet, and Nat Kavanagh for helping me out.
Later in the day a few kites and sailboards tried the gusty winds, but most agreed it was just too gusty to actually enjoy. Good on them for giving it a shot.
Friday. Morning wind was still from the S.West and quite strong, and swell had been blown out to sea, but it looked like it might turn as the day progressed.
It did. Worked into a gusty southerly blowing directly down the beach so kiters went surfing in reasonable waves. Not great, but the keen wind-riders got up and did their best. Low tide saw waves and plenty of action. By late afternoon it glassed off, and SUPpers had a go at some small waves out front.
That evening was a highlight of the event, with food stalls and great live music in the park. The evening was quite beautiful.
Saturday the swell returned and the action began.
Wave-sailors had plenty of work south of the arena, and the kites were flying high. Once again it was hard work, but challenging. These surfers are THE elite riders and they wanted to win their division, so they ripped the lip like there was no tomorrow. Great to watch.
Saturday Night Fever was fantastic. So many dressed up and rocked the night away. Maurice Lee, the super fit 90 year old hit the dance floor to show us all how it was done. He was declared the winner because he had STAYIN’ ALIVE wired. The “dance-off” was wild.  Thanks to everyone for making it such a great night. The band were on fire and they were lovin it all as much as we were.
Sunday was the day when we sorted out just who was number one. As the tide dropped some amazing waves were on offer.
I asked Dave Prowse our safety officer (who sat on the beach and watched every ride) just who was the very very best ripper that afternoon….
And he reckons it was Brad Hampson.
Beau Pilgrim just behind.
But it’s just Dave’s subjective opinion.
So many people ripped the waves apart.
It was awesome.
Sunday night, the presentation went really well. Plenty of prizes.
Our sponsors are just amazingly generous and we thank them with a million positive thank you’s.  Please take the time to check our SPONSORS page. If you intend to buy a product… please support our sponsors because they support us so well.
Darren Blake is so stoked in our event that he hired a wonderful cameraman/ interviewer (Ollie) to film the whole event… and I’m really looking forward to seeing the final result.
Another million thank you’s to our club members, especially John Smythe,  who keep this all stayin alive. They are such wonderful people and we appreciate their efforts to keep our show on the road.
Next year we’re gonna have a lot of fun with THE WILD WILD AMERICAN WEST theme. (Cap-guns only please). You guys and gals do such a wonderful job every year I have no doubts about the extent of your imaginations to come along on Saturday night dressed as a wild west character… Cowboy or Indian squaw, Annie Oakley or Sittin Bull…etc
I’m gonna turn up in a Wells Fargo Coach pulled by a dozen fine horses and I might shoot the sheriff…. But I wouldn’t shoot the deputy… no no no…
Yee haaa !
You can find lots of photoshere on our FLICKR site.
Thanks ya’all…
See ya next year.

Special Awards
  • Ben Wilson Kite week / Namotu Island prize(The BW kiter of the  future)
    The Gary McKenzie-Smith Ozone Kite prize  
    Evan Burrows
  • Algie up & comer award & Philthy Phil AwardSmiik Custom board   
    Byron & Brodie Kellalea
  • Big Wave Dave Award      Isobel Newland         
  • Horizon Big Air Award   Rich Stenning                    
SUNOVA Merimbula bay run
Men                   Nathan Cross            
Women              Maddy Rayner                            
Masters             Dave White
Junior                Clayton Kane
BEACH to BAR  Husky SUP 1
Kite                     Beau Pilgrim             
Wave Sail           Sam Green
SUP                    Warwick Lee

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